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Risograph Workshops 



Risographs are machines that are half old-school office copier and half screen printing machine. They provide a cheap and easy way to reproduce large quantities of work like zines, posters, buttons, and prints. They also print in really fun and vivid colors.

During our workshops, we'll teach you all about the machines, give you a demo of how they work, help you get inspiration from our zine and print library, and assist you with making your own Risograph print to take home. You'll also take home 15 (8.5 x 11) prints of your own design, plus swap prints with all the other workshop attendees.

We print on three different machines during our workshops; EZ 221U, RZ 220UI and an SF 5450.

A Risograph printer uses standardized ink colors, which can be layered to create new color mixes using varying ink output of a single color from 0-100% opacity. 


Click here for tickets. 


Come and get to know our machines by signing up for one of our workshops once you complete a workshop you are eligible to sign up to print during our open hours.

You pay for the paper and prints, we help you with whatever you may need! Schedule a session to come print your artwork with our assistance.

Check our availability, answer a few questions and book it!

Sessions are scheduled in 60-minute increments Tuesday through Friday.

 It’s best if you have art prepared, and even better if you come in with black and white prints of the color layers that you would like to use. If you need help setting up files for Risograph printing, reach out to

Also, if you have a design that you’d like us to print for you, reach out to us for a quote and we will see what we can do!




PHYLLIS (up to 11 in. x 17 in):

STEVIE (up to 8.5 in. x 11 in):

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